Abdkhaliq al-Aqil ibn Iblis al-Shaytan

slave of the Creator, the wise, son of Iblis, of the Shayton


Abdkaliq al-Aquil ibn Iblis al-Shaytan was, quite literally, the first thing ever born. Before Allah made Adam of clay, he made Iblis of smokeless fire. Iblis, first of the Djinn, first true life. Allah bade all the angels of Heaven to come and bow before Iblis. Some refused, and they fell from Allah’s Grace. The rest did as was bidden of them.
Then Allah made a mate for Iblis, Bassala, and the two had a child, named Ib, for he was then the only child, the Son.
In time Iblis grew in rank and station, till he was considered almost an equal amongst the angels. But, unlike them, Iblis had free will, and God knew there was evil in him.
So, when God made Adam of clay, he called all the angels and all the Djinn, who still numbered only in the dozens, to bow before man. Iblis refused, and ordered his family to refrain from bowing. They defied Allah. So, like the angels who refused to bow before Iblis, God decided to send the Djinn to Hell, but Bassala begged and pleaded with him, and eventually God postponed the punishment till Judgment Day, and allowed the Djinn to walk the world until then. Iblis vowed to corrupt as many men as possible in vengeance, to prove the inferiority of their breed. As such, he became the first Shaytan, and dragged most of the rest of the Djinn with him, though throughout the ages there were always those who chose not to join this foolish cause.
For many years Ib followed his father’s example. For centuries he tempted and led astray good men and women, but his curiosity and sense of wonder in this new, larger world often had him exploring strange parts and dealing with humans. He was born in Eden, but did not remember it as his father did, as the place they had been banished from, but simply as the place they had left. Now there was a much larger, grander place full of strange creatures and men who were just as grandiose as his father, but mortal. There were waterfalls, mountains, oceans, deserts, blizzards, stars and all manner of other miracles in this world, and Ib loved it.
It was not to last, however, King Solomon waged his war against the Djinn, and forced them to bow before him, to build his Temple, and to make his kingdom the grandest in the world. Then he sealed them all away in his bronze case, in bottles, in jars, and in his sacred ring, save for Iblis who alone was strong enough to remain free. Ib was trapped inside a special jar, being one of the oldest Djinn.
Centuries passed in the jar. Ib held onto his sanity only by focusing on brooding and focusing his emotions into hate and vengeance. He became foul and bitter.
When his jar was opened, he emerged prepared to strike down whatever man had been fool enough to free him, but was confronted instead with the Prophet Mohammed, who managed to engage him in theological debate.
Even Ib, who had met God in the early days, was unable to defeat the wise Prophet in these debates, and in time was converted by him. The Prophet gave him a new name, and a new purpose. No longer would Ib lead men and women astray, but now Abdkhaliq al-Aqil ibn Iblis al-Shaytan would travel the world attempting to help people, to protect them, and to save them, body and soul.
And, again, Abdkhaliq could explore the extraordinary wonders of the world Allah had created.
He’s been all over the place, wandering the world to help others. Sometimes he leaves the path, sometimes he comes back. He’s a good Djinn, all things considered, but it’s hard to stay on the path when you live forever, and know God has already decided you go to Hell no matter what you do now. He’s become rather humble, and though he can’t quite shirk all of his ideas concerning Djinn being superior to humans, he is willing to work with them. As a result, he’s recently ended up working as something of a freelance agent for the United States government. They like the fact he works cheap, and he likes the support. He’s never been much of a fighter, after all.

It is inaccurate to say that Djinn have a natural gift for magic. In truth, they’re rather bad at it. However, this is only because they are magical by nature. While they have much greater difficulty learning the various magics open to humans, they have a great many more or less innate abilities that are extensions of their own mystical nature. These tend to be less than direct, often causing misfortune to those around the djinn or creating illusions, though djinn are also know to pull of other tricks like altering their size, become massive, or tiny. They get caught in jars that way quite a bit.
Abdkhaliq has focused more on his ability to create illusions than on these physical tricks. This has a lot to do with being sealed in a jar for a few centuries. Illusions are more entertaining than trying to grow bigger than the space you can’t escape.

Weakness (Major)
Kabbahlistic and Hermetic magic. Human magic (not the magic derived from demons or angels, but bona fide truly human forms of sorcery (including, but perhaps not limited, to Kabbahlistic and Hermetic magic) are very potent against Djinn, reflective of both their magical nature and Allah’s insistence that they bow before humans. Worse, Djinn can be summoned, bound, and otherwise coerced by skilled human sorcerer’s, as they were by Solomon.

Curious (Major)
I have lived on this world since it’s beginning, have watched mankind fall and rise a thousand times, and my own people dwindle away, and yet it is still full of great wonder, such is the work of Allah.

Distinctive Appearance (Minor)
While not technically human, Djinn are closer than one would expect. Neverthelees, being made of smokeless fire rather than clay means they always appear a little off. While this varies among the Djinn, Abdkhaliq glows bright red.

Pacifist (Minor)
I held long conference and great debate with the Prophet, and the angels that ateneded him. By his grace I learnt to understand the true glory of Allah, and the value of all life.

Arcane Background: Super Powers
Being made of Smokeless fire, and thousands of years old, has it’s perks.

Power Points
See above.

Scholar (Religion and Occult)
I have studied long and hard in these subjects, to best protect my body and soul.

In appearance…

He looks mostly human, save for some odd physical traits, sharp teeth, small horns on his forehead, and slightly pointy ears. He also glows red. His eyes are black.
He’s slight and unassuming in frame and stature (he blames it on being locked in the jar). He wears an up to date, though not horribly expensive, suit, and attempts at looking rather striking. He has some older robes still tucked away somewhere, but he seldom has need for it. Coarse fabric and all. Other Djinn aren’t as keen on being up to date, but Abdkhaliq likes the finer things, and is willing to indulge. He’s going to Hell anyways, after all.


Father and I… don’t exactly see eye to eye anymore. Used to, but it’s been a long time.
Iblis is… well, Shaytan. He’s the devil. He’s made it his life’s work to lead as many human beings as possible to Hell, and he’s been doing it for thousands of years. He followed a similar trajectory to Lucifer, if a bit later, but is more direct. Lucifer went to Hell, Iblis walks the Earth until Judgment Day. He isn’t fighting a war against Heaven, because he knows he has already lost, he’s just working to make sure as many people as possible share in his misery, and those wretched humans get what’s coming to him.
Needless to say, he is arrogant, spiteful, and incredibly crafty. He isn’t interested in doing evil himself, just making sure humans do. He works through agents and intermediaries, sows discord across the world, and general fouls things up.
He’s also incredibly powerful. He managed to escape Solomon’s war unscathed, alone among the Djinn, and it has to be remembered that before his fall he was ranked near the angels. He can change his size, create illusions, and bend and twist reality in other subtle ways.

Last anyone heard, mother is still in a jar somewhere. She was powerful in her own way, but was known more for her skill at organizing and mobilizing the other Djinn rather than for personal power. She follows Iblis out of absolute loyalty rather than any belief in their cause, but so do many of Djinn.

My younger brother, the second born Djinn. His hatred of God runs as deep as father’s, but is complicated by his equal hate for Iblis. He blames father as much as God for casting us out of Eden. Of course, he envies the humans as well, for being Allah’s favorites. In the end, he just ends up hating everything and is bent on destruction. As a result he tends to consort with Lucifer’s cohorts, something father forbids Djinn from doing (Iblis is still convinced Djinn are the height of creation, and is resentful of Lucifer’s refusal to bow to him… the hypocrisy is not entirely lost on him, though). Ithnan doesn’t simply want to lead humans astray. He wants to destroy the world any way he can. The demons want to win the War, Iblis acts out of spite, but Ithnan… Ithnan aims for oblivion. He’s less subtle than the rest of the family. he doesn’t bother with illusions or manipulation, but is in total control of his body, able to grow tall enough to pluck clouds from the sky, or small enough to dance on the head of a pin. Not that he dances.
He also seems to be getting less stable over the centuries, and even the demons tend to shy away from him.

Yes, that Cain, first born among humans, slayer of Abel, and so on. Most people don’t realize that when God placed the mark on him, saying he would punish anyone who harmed him sevenfold, he was including the angels. As a result, even Azrael won’t touch him, so Cain has lived on. In the old days we crossed paths frequently, but he was often very different. He went through phases. One century he’d be vowing revenge on God, the next he’d be trying to pay penance. There are a lot of Djinn like that, to be fair, but Cain wasn’t like us. He didn’t have anyone like him to cling to, any higher cause. He just kept living, no one willing to harm him.
In the modern age he’s become… peculiar. He had amassed considerable wealth, only to give his various companies away, embezzle an enormous quantity of wealth, and found several cults with a wide variety of beliefs. I’ve spoken to him a few times, even had his assistance on occasion.
In the past sometimes he would be living life like any other man, other times he would be intently focused on a single task, either his salvation or his grievances with God. Now… he strikes me as focused again… but I have no idea on what. He’s working to an end, but it could be anything.
What makes it more disturbing is that he’s gathering other immortal humans around him.

Speaking of immortal humans, Matathias is, it would seem, the wandering jew. Says Allah cursed him to walk the Earth after he insulted the prophet Jesus on the cross. His own religious views are… well, messianic jew might fit. Like most of us that are awaiting Judgment Day, Matathias has an incredible amount of bitterness towards God. Nevertheless, he has remained a good person for most of his life. He hasn’t adapted to the times as well as some of us, but he does his best.
As of 1832 Matathias has been in my employ. He’s a good friend, and while our religious debates are often heated, it is good to have a human whose been around longer than a few decades to talk to. Offers the human perspective, without those annoying limitations. Mostly he does peace work, intermediating between various groups and trying to work out negotiations. His old fashioned eye for an eye schtick, and strict adherence to old Jewish law, has caused problems on occasion (and a major public relations issue for the company a few years back when the press got him expressing his opinion of homosexuals on tape) but his long experience and wide travel over the past two thousand years has given him an invaluable perspective on human culture and politics (two things I have studied from a somewhat more alien perspective).
As far as I’m aware he hasn’t had anything to do with Cain’s recent recruitment of human immortals, but I’m sure he must be curious.

Carla Manhattan
She’s young, insanely young, barely three decades old, but she’s absolutely brilliant. I’ll be honest, I’ve never really been able to deal with computers. Give me an abacus and a few days and I’ll work it out myself, but in this day and age you need someone who understands these things, and understands them well. Carla Manhattan’s understanding of modern technology, and its effects on business, has allowed her to quickly rise to her position as CEO of my organization. She keeps things running smoothly, though many decisions and internal affairs still fall to me. She also runs most of the “normal” parts of the organization, the various charities and non-profit groups and so on.

On the organization…

I have trouble keeping track of its name at times. It changes. Well, technically, organizations peter out or get discontinued and we start it again with a different name. Helps tidy things up and keeps attention down.
Currently the main body is the International Peace Association. Simply and non-discriminate. We try to keep it that way. While I always make sure to keep several periphery charities going, IPA itself has three main humanitarian functions: 1) contracting out to build infrastructure in various nations 2) acting as intermediaries between organizations and/or nations 3) peace keeping.
We are not above making money doing these, particularly 2.
As for peace keeping… we essentially act as a mercenary police force (though payment is a formality that exists usually because governments don’t appreciate vigilantes and want some guarantee that they’re in charge) in dealing with supernatural threats.
It is this last I am often involved in personally. After all, I don’t want other people to get hurt.

Abdkhaliq al-Aqil ibn Iblis al-Shaytan

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