Akuma Farris


enemy: Israfil a fallen angel how believes i am a disgrace to gods creation of humanity and i should be destroyed.
Akuma has three great friends Darrel, Cameron, and Brandon
is 16, is very athletic, good grades. has drunks for parents, often stays with grandma.
Cameron-is 15, not to smart, doesn’t do well in school. doesn’t have any particular skill other than his ability to give it his all. foster child.only one who knows about Akumas power
Brandon-is 16, always fails classes, parents are super rich, wants to drop out and become a rock star.

Parents-they are Christians and always make Akuma partake in church activities. DO NOT KNOW ABOUT AKUMAS POWER

Priest-Acts awkwardly around Akuma recently. Bald, old and wrinkly

Thomas Kingston- The annoying 13yo kid who is always in my groups at church, and is always getting Akuma into trouble

The Demons
The demon Paymon gave me me powers

Akuma has a few contacts with demons
-Cambion: an Imp messenger to a Duke of Satan
-Eblis: serves as the highest ranking officer of Malphas
-And finally Akuma can contact Satan IF AND ONLY IF necessary.
I also talked to MRpasta earlier we wen over his HQ. Its an abandoned chapel/cathedral. Here’s the stats:

Size:small(3 rooms) We’ll say that the rest of the church is to messed up/unlivable to be used which leaves it open to expansion later.
Location:cidcaelum I’m guessing upper city since its less dangerous but we didn’t discus it.
Condition: average(+0)
RoomsCommand Center, Specialist library(religion)

Akuma Farris

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