Fineas Sinclair


Fineas Sinclair was a troubled youth, his father was a tyrant, his mother non-existent. The emotional distance plauged him, made worse when his only family connection was revealed as demon-dealing megalomaniac. Fin’s father Hestus was a sorcerer of great power but many debts. One day his scheme was ended in spectacular fashion, the hero Nightcrow and his compatriots battled the mad spellcaster and poor luck (or perhaps a former debtor’s bargain came due) left Hestus Sinclair dead. Nightcrow discovered the young Fin huddled in a corner, fearing the youth had cracked he approached warily. He was instead greeted with a fierce hug. Fin idolized the aging hero, and Nightcrow grew to value his young ward.

Fin then began to show mystical promise, tapping a family heritage of powerful magery. Along with it came many dues, the debt of his father’s folly weighed him down, as devils and demons of various forms kept showing up to collect. As Fin approached adulthood, he began to hear whispers from the beyond, later revealed to be his father’s ghost, calling him toward darker paths, looking for company in his torturous afterlife.

Nightcrow’s group of heroes took on a new member, Skywing. The heroine, known be friends as Valerie Skyrent, became Fin’s crush and now one-sided love. The fought often alongside one another, but as the fabled Nightcrow and his companions fade into their twilight years, they hardly see each other, having split the old rounds down the middle out of necessity.

These days Fin is being hit in two directions at once. A demon known as Ladoneous seems to behind a slew of demons, looking to get lost debts repaid for a father’s sins. Usually with blood. On the other side, crime has gotten worse in his patrol area. Some kind of outside interests are moving in from the shadows, the usual gangbangers are now well armed and getting progressively more organized.

Fin has little that passes for a normal life. A few hours in a diner having breakfast with Val. Hit the streets. Calisthenics in his low rent tenement’s faded gym. Hit the streets. Collapse onto his squeaky mattress, hope the last anonymous donation will make rent.

Ladoneous – Big bad demon guy, the kind that offers deals and fiddling contests. When not robed in fire and looking sinister, he likes taking long walks along the beach with every demonic money-lender that passes his way that had it out for Fin’s father. See he was conned out of a deal and wants to take the father’s sins out on the son, but lacks any contract with him to leverage his desires.

Valerie Skyrent – She likes Fin like a younger brother. He likes her like his best friend’s sister. Unrequited one-way love. Val is also Skywing, a flying super with retractable talons. She was the other mentee of the Nightcrow.

Nightcrow – The super that finally offed Fin’s egomaniacal father. More of a father figure to him than his own. Equal parts Bruce Wayne and All-American Hero, his super-hero stunts in Cuba in the earlier part of the century left him vengeful. Fin admires more of the Overblown Heroics, but largely follows in his Mentor’s unrelenting footsteps.

Various Old Buddies of Nightcrow – The old team (old when they first took him in) has retired leaving the younger generation to clean up the streets. Surviving members include Reth the Wild Man (Tarzan with Machetes), Intuition (Mentalist and super-sleuth), and Narissa of the Deeps (Basically Namor’s Sister). They all live in the same rest home down by the projects.

Fineas Sinclair

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