Maria Azreal


Maria Gonzalez Azrael is the unlikely daughter of a human woman and Azrael, the angel of death. Maria’s mother, Maya Sousa Gonzalez, had a power all her own, though Maria never understood where it came from. She was the only living thing who could ever touch Maria without dying. At least, not dying at once. Maria was barely teething when her mothers ill health caught up to her. On her death Azrael himself took charge of raising Maria, in less than amicable circumstances. Angels tend to be strict, it comes with being absolute.
Raised on an isolated plateau (Azrael had no intention of taking her up to Heaven, as angels are still technically forbidden from impregnating mortals, it is why the flood came after all) Maria learnt to fight and survive mostly on her own, as Azrael was mostly busy with larger affairs. Of course, it wasn’t too long before she learnt to fly, and flew away, to try and live her own life.
Her first attempts to settle into human society went rather horribly, and she left more than a few dead bodies along the way. Eventually she managed to settle down and more or less find her place… sort of. You can’t exactly hide giant wings full of eyes and mouths.
Still, she’s only in her teens now, and trying to connect to humans.

Maria’s father, and general terrifying entity beyond human comprehension. Sure, some angels look like winged humans, but a lot of them look like what Lovecraft would have created if he was allergic to poultry instead of seafood. Azrael appears with four heads, four thousand wings and a body made entirely of eyes and tongues, one for each living person. He is massive to the point where it is impossible to comprehend him as a whole. He probably has a more human form (he did supposedly sleep with Maya, after all), but Maria has never seen it. He is distant at best, strict, and quite callous, for from his vantage he cannot comprehend the significance of death to mortals. Nonetheless, he seems to care for his daughter, has shown her something that amounts to compassion, has trained her, and aided her on occasion. Perhaps he loves her but keeps his distance because he fears attracting attention to her (again, Heaven frowns on niliphim), or perhaps he just has more pressing concerns than his child. He is death, after all.

The Police
Maria has a rather dodgy relationship with the police in general. Technically, vigilantism is illegal, and what Maria does is murder in the eyes of the law. On the other hand, she never leaves identifiable DNA behind (she’s not even sure she has DNA, or finger prints, being so bizarrely structured), and the best cause of death they can find are “mysterious causes” (not even a heart attack, they just stop) and there’re more than a few police willing to turn the other cheek when murderers and rapists turn up dead. (there may also be issues based on how much the police know about the supernatural, if they know some of the criminals have super powers, they might be more accepting when they show up dead… although, I’m assuming super powers must be at least fairly well known, on account of me flying around with great big wings)
The real problem comes when someone turns up dead and the police can’t link them to anything. This happens when dealing with some of the careful demons, who possess seemingly normal people (for bonus fun, killing people may not kill demons in them, so my touch of death might not completely nerf returning villains, yay!).

Dominique DeFoe
A rather strange young girl, Dominique is an aspiring necromancer. Officially speaking, Maria should probably just kill her, for her affronts against the natural cycle and the finality of death, but the way things worked out Dominique happens to be the closest thing Maria really has to a friend. Unfortunately, she’s disturbingly close to a very misguided fan, thinking that knowing “the angel of death” (Maria’s corrections on this point are always, always annoyed) is the coolest thing ever. But, she’s someone to talk to. So long as you can get over the ghosts and zombies (interestingly, if Dominique gets some power and a reason, she could be a dangerous enemy, I doubt the touch of death affects the dead). Dominique is one of few people who seems to have really overcome Maria’s aura of dread… usually. When Maria gets emotional it still shakes poor Dominique rather bag.

He’s back. Apparently being stuffed into pigs and drowned wasn’t enough.
Legion’s a twisty, dangerous, practically unstoppable demon to deal with, because it is everywhere. It possesses groups, driving them together into powerful hive minds, and its always expanding, gaining more and more people. Killing one of the hosts kills off some of the Legion’s power, but so long as it has some hosts it can build up more.
The true danger, however, is in Legion gathering its power back together. It won’t do this unless badly threatened, desperate, or overcome with rage or vengeance, but by drawing more power into a single host it can make itself incredibly powerful, but risks losing a lot more of itself if the host dies.
Perhaps more disturbingly, though, Legion isn’t just a mindless assimilating machine. Most of the people it hollows out, devouring their souls to grow in power, end up with touches of the central personality. Legion is actually well read, charming, entertaining, and a lover of the finer things in life. It almost never uses physical violence unless attacked, preferring instead to burrow into new victims using spiritual energy. It’s awful hard to make a move against any of Legion without it drawing in the proper authorities to defend it.

Igraine Winters
Maria is a teenager, an illegal alien, unemployed, and has never been to school. She is a headache and a half for social services. They aren’t really equipped to deal with a nephilim (okay, that’s the right spelling, think I had it wrong earlier). Igraine Winters has been assigned to Maria’s case. As of right now Igraine has been forced to take Maria in, which has been no easy task, even with the extra money social services provides her. Igraine is trying to help Maria integrate into society, but it isn’t going well. She’s something of a mother figure, and Maria wants to love her, but she’s having trouble knocking down her barriers. Besides, she’s never dealt with a proper parent before. Her father was seldom there, and insanely strict and all powerful when he was, so a woman who is constantly there, only somewhat strict, and without any power to back her up (Social Services doesn’t exactly frighten Maria) just seems laughable. Maria can’t see why she should listen to her.

St. Hugh
A poor homeless man with a strange and absolute faith. He’s ancient, some say centuries old, but is spry as a young man. They say with a touch he can heal any ailment, even bring the dead back. He is always smiling, always kind, and the demons leave him alone.
In short, he is everything Maria is not. Maria has a fascination with the man, and tends to have long conversations with him, which usually end with her flying off in a huff.
He keeps trying to teach her things like pacifism.

Maria Azreal

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