Posting Guildines

I will not hesitate to assume a reasonable action on your part if you do not post regularly. If everyone goes into the bar or decides to fight the bad guys, their character will too, in absence of specific requests to the contrary. We wont hold up group action waiting for one player.

in IC forum OOC will be in this format

  • {Blue italicized text here}
  • Maps will be provided as images so you can see where everything is.

    Character sheets must be up-to-date and on-line.

    Don’t be afraid to put the game on hold while real life intervenes. Just let everyon e know what’s going on. This goes for players and GMs alike

    1/post a day try to be consistent. If you dont post once a month or 2 times a month its ok.

    Basically you will send short term, long term goals and contingency plans.(ex:“I run up and attack the leader. If he falls, I will rescue Bob from the alligator. However, if Bob loses consciousness, I’ll rescue him regardless.”)
    Then at the end of the round I will ask again for your plans.We could change this if you really want, but its goal is to speed up combat as possible while still letting you make your choices.

    Posting Guildines

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